Beauty isn’t the way you wear make up.

Beauty isn’t how you look with mascara on.

Its not the way you look with blush on your cheeks.

Its not how you look with eye shadow, or cover up, or eyeliner!

Beauty is the way your cheeks are a certain shape, its the way your eye lashes flutter in a specific direction, its the way your skin has a natural color, its the way your nose curves at a specific point, its the way your head has a specific shape…. its the way your eye has a specific natural color of its own.

like a finger print you are one of a kind and don’t change that!

remember…”an original is worth more than a copy”-

(quote and picture aren’t mine)


When in Doubt, Toss it Out: The Shelf Life of Cosmetics

beauty isn’t the eyeliner you wear, or the mascara you destroy your eyelashes with, or the blush you use to define your cheek bones.
beauty is the way your eye is has is own color, its the way your eyelashes flutter like one of a kind, its the way your face is like your finger print.

Keira Lennox

Few things in life make me happier than an organized makeup drawer. So it’s weird that 75% of the time, mine is a disaster.

Besides clutter, my biggest challenge is knowing when to throw things out.

My frustration with the state of my stash boiled over recently, when I used a past-its-prime tinted sunscreen that made my face itch all day and, frankly, smelled a little funky.

When I got home — and after I scrubbed my face — I dumped the entire contents of my makeup and skin care collection on the floor and picked through every piece. With the help of this handy cosmetic shelf life chart,  I filled two small grocery bags with expired (or questionable) products.

I’m not going to lie: it hurt a little. It’s hard to say goodbye to the NARS ‘orgasm’ blush you dropped 30 bucks on and haven’t made a dent in over…

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SF Photowalk – Going Up?

the tree knows which way its going. up. and only up.
unlike the tree humans don’t have a clue where they are going.

Laura Macky Photography

I inadvertently posted a dinosaur image this morning which was meant to post on July 3.  I’ve rescheduled it to post on July 3 and will respond then to those of you who were kind enough to comment on it.

In the meantime back at the ranch, here’s yet another image from the SF Photowalk.  Seems they are endless LOL!   I tried something new here as a more graphic image.  Hope you like it.

Going Up? Going Up?

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just like water droplets we should learn how to be still and at peace with ourselves.

Laura Macky Photography

Happy Thursday everyone!  This was a quickee shot but I kind of like how the water droplets look on this succulent and how you can see the spikes on the succulent plant in the back.   One can never look too closely at mother nature. 🙂

Droplets Droplets

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Last Week’s Instagram

the wheel; the greatest invention
technology; the greatest invention they believe

In Flow

Bakgården til Peddler Brewing Company

Once a week I will show one of my photos captured and/or processed with Instagram over the last week. It’s a way for me to show photography that usually is quite different from my regular work. The pictures are displayed without any comments, hoping they will stand on their own. But I still very much appreciate any comments you may have.

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Road Rain

each rain drop represents an individual in this world.


Coming and Going. Coming and Going.

The rain falls. It stops. It starts. It stops. It starts. You know how it is.

Maybe not. For instance, if you live in California you declare a state holiday when two drops of rain fall. I’m not making light of that. It’s serious. Or, if you live in Western desert states. Here, summer is the rainy season. Like most subtropical places. You get used to it. You keep an umbrella in the car. You keep another one in the house. Maybe one in your office. Or, wherever you work. Like that.

For me, that also means I take a lot of rain-oriented pictures. Especially right about now. I change how I focus. I change the background scene. I find better stuff in which to stand in front. But, I do what I can to photograph rain. Sometimes, it’s about wet pavement. Or, reflections. Sometimes, it’s in the details…

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just like boats on water our minds drift.

Laura Macky Photography

This is the last photo I have from my Fort Baker photoshoot a few weeks ago.  There’s a little marina at Fort Baker so I walked around a little bit to see what I could get.  What a great place to have a boat!  Right at the foot of the Golden Gate.  Nice!!

Squiggles Squiggles

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The Dreams

You used to say id never make and that’s the reason that i will- Jake Miller

I have so many dreams… Like any other person! some achieve their dreams while others are still trying. I get doubted which makes me think i will never be number 1. No matter how amazingly crazy your dream is just keep trying because its worth it. Don’t stop until your the best of the best, keep going. I have dreams like becoming a professional soccer player. My whole family thought it was impossible and totally ridiculous. BUT….. then i got accepted into ISSEA. Its when you get accepted into a team of 11 soccer players and you go travel to a country and play against 7 international teams. People my age never got accepted into the team. Yet two of my friends and i got accept. It was a two weeks before traveling and i was told i couldn’t go because my parents couldn’t afford the trip. I was incredibly mad, i was shouting at god, i didn’t wanna talk about the sport, i didn’t even practice the sport for weeks. Depression was eating me up when the team left to Kenya where they would play other teams. while the team was in Kenya playing other teams they were posting pictures. I was becoming more depressed. Then one day i decided to sit on the field. As i sat there so calm i spotted a ball from afar and had this amazing sudden urge to go kick the ball into the goal. I felt misplaced from not kicking the ball for all these weeks. I got up and started kicking the ball around. I then realized that in life we get many chances but when we miss one we feel like the worlds ending. when you feel like you missed a chance, sit back, take a deep breathe and think over. What will you do different next time you get a chance? Now sit back and enjoy the ride…cause boy is it gonna be a ride full of chances!

-this is my message-

-so listen-