Before we get into the ‘reading about my personal life’ part, I want to let you know a little more about me.

So to start it off, the reason I called my blog “The Cold Chili” is because of two things. In this blog (if you continue to read) you will find out that I am half English and half Spanish. Everyone knows that stereotype where they say English people are “cold hearted”. Well one of my parents is English and sometimes they can be pretty “cold hearted” and not loving. I don’t mean to offend any English readers. I personally think being cold hearted is just in a person’s personality and to be quite honest, I couldn’t think of a good enough blog name. My other parent is Spanish and was born in Chile (the long narrow country in South America). Instead of people pronouncing it as “ch-ee-leh” (chile) they pronounce it as “chili”, thus leading to The Cold Chili.


The Beginning. Day One.

Heyyyy, hello, hi, salutations, and my personal favorite, what is up my dude. To be honest this is just another blog you’ve probably seen before. So… why not jump into it. Some of you readers out there might stay and read on, whereas others might get bored out of their mind and go to another blog that is almost exactly the same. Only difference is that my content is… well its different in other words. So I recommend you do that slogan that’s always said. “Sit back and relax”. I personally prefer my own version: “grab some food and maybe this blog will be a good enough bed time story to make you fall asleep”.

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